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CANGUN1 Review

The CanGun1 Spray Can Tool advertises that it has an “Exclusive FullGrip Trigger” and in this case, it certainly is a full-size grip. Many other items that claim to have  full size grips are often made for smaller hands and do not have as comfortable grip in the hands of a full grown working man. That is not the case with the CanGun1. At 6′ tall and over 200 pounds, I am not a small guy and neither are my hands. As you can tell from the pictures below the CanGun1 fits comfortably with plenty of grip.


The trigger was smooth and allowed for a nice even covering with very little effort on pulling the trigger which certainly makes the CANGUN1 a recommendation for anyone that has arthritis or large projects to work on.

Not only is the CanGun1 easier on the finger but it is also easier on the wrist. Using spray paint cans with the “one finger” method requires your wrist to be in a right angle, however the CanGun1 allows for a more natural and comfortable position of the wrist that also allows for more control when painting.

Installing and removing CanGun1 on a spray can is a bit tight the first couple of times (especially in colder weather) and the secure fit that this provides is certainly appreciated. However, I can envision spray paint mishaps happening to a user if they are not careful and do not take the half a second to look at the clear to understand picture of how to properly install the CanGun1 onto the aerosol can.

Favorite features:

  • A true full size grip that was built for a real mans hand.
  • Allows for a smooth application of spray paint.
  • Virtually eliminates finger and wrist fatigue during big projects.
  • Puts painting projects back in the reach for many with arthritis.
  • Snaps onto any standard aerosol can.
  • Made in the USA

All in all very high marks for this product and highly recommended.

Ken Becker, inventor of the CanGun1, says that the CanGun1 is available nationwide through all Ace Hardware Stores, Tractor Supply Stores and on with new retailers being added regularly.