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The Ring Knife

IMG_20130412_091302[1]I received the ring knife in the mail the other day from the Handy Twine Knife Company and this is one review that has me mixed.

You see, I received two different types of ring knives and both were at the other end of the spectrum quality wise. The orange one was high quality metal that was dipped in an orange vinyl coating. The other one was green plastic that reminded me of a cheap plastic toy out of a cracker jack box but with a sharp blade on it.

Suffice to say, I loved the orange one. It felt solid and sturdy during use and worked wonderfully on fishing line, twine and popping off plastic straps on a large box. I will definitely be adding this to the tackle box and will likely even pick up a spare or two for the tool box.

The plastic green one however was a bit “flexible” and left me with concerns that the plastic was going to break and the end result would be a run-away blade finding flesh. (For the record, it DID NOT and I am able to type this review all fingers still in tact.) While I might keep it around for small jobs, it will only be used if I can’t readily find the orange one. In fairness, I may have reviewed it higher it didn’t come with the vinyl covered metal one, which is a tool I can see myself using often. Safely.