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Ruff Maxx XL Camo Kennel

Today we have a guest product review from Hazel Nugent a 7 year old black lab giving her thoughts on the Ruff Maxx XL Camo Kennel.

Why I liked the Ruff Maxx XL Camo Kennel:
Made in the USA – I am a patriot.
Recycled Material – I care about the environment.
Large door – easy to maneuver.
My people only said one bad word putting it together – took about 10 minutes.
Easy to clean if I make a big mess.
Needs a good cushion and I am ready to go anywhere.

-Hazel Nugent

Thank you Hazel!

While you can’t quite tell it from the pictures, due to the flash, the top is olive green with some browns, tans and dark greens blended in to give a really nice camouflage effect without being overtly camo. In other words, it looks great in the outdoors and while inside the house it has a very nice neutral tone that compliments most decors.

It is solid as well. Hazel is a fit 68 lbs and this kennel is designed for an ideal dog weight of 70-90 lbs. As you can see from the pictures, there is plenty of room for Hazel to move around in.

The interesting this is once she got in there – she really claimed it her own and wanted to stay. Once out, she wouldn’t let any of the other dogs go in it. Suffice to say, I think it is a hit.