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The Ring Knife

I received the ring knife in the mail the other day from the Handy Twine Knife Company and this is one review that has me mixed. You see, I received two different types of ring knives and both were at the other end of the spectrum quality wise. The orange one was high quality metal that was […]

Paid Survey Program Looking For Beta Testers

There is a new survey program in beta testing called PaidViewpoint that is looking for beta testers to sign up and actually get paid their viewpoints. Not points, not entries to win but actual cash via PayPal. The more you answer the higher your TraitScore, the higher your TraitScore, the more you earn per answer. If you […]

An Open Letter To Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Regarding Their Use of Carrageenan

Dear Ben and Jerry, Please stop adding seaweed to your ice creams. I was extremely disheartened to learn that a company I had always respected for their high moral values and a company mission to “improve the quality of life” had started using an ingredient that has a history of health concerns – carrageenan, a […]

CANGUN1 Review

The CanGun1 Spray Can Tool advertises that it has an “Exclusive FullGrip Trigger” and in this case, it certainly is a full-size grip. Many other items that claim to have  full size grips are often made for smaller hands and do not have as comfortable grip in the hands of a full grown working man. That is […]

Enjoy Life’s Puddles

Take time today to enjoy the little things that make you smile.              

Royal Purple’s MaxFilm – Little Can. Big Results.

I had the chance to product test Royal Purple’s MaxFilm – Good stuff. I will be using it from now on instead of long time favorite WD40. MaxFilm leaves a dry film lubricant which greatly outperformed other spray lubricants I have used in the past. My first impression was that the can was a bit […]

Wolves At The Door

There are wolves at your door. You might not see them but they are there. They are disguised behind bits and bots and they quietly test the handle on your door a thousands times a day to see if they can get it to open. They are hackers and they are trying to get into your site […]


Searches are up for the term “reqruented” after reports that: ‘Todd Palin reqruented a massage therapist now busted for “prostitution”.’ The sex scandal was first published by the ENQUIRER, a ‘tabloid’ that broke the John Edwards affair. But this post is not really about the Palins or the scandalous accusations but about the term ‘reqruented’ […]

Google Adds Friends To Description

“You are known by the friends you keep” may be an old saying but it is finding new meaning in the world of search. Google is testing adding “Friends” in a gray text sub-headline when returning search results from Facebook. Every day, Google brings a little more of the social media world into the search […]

Baby Dancing To Beyonce

One of the funniest things that I’ve seen in a long time. Makes me laugh even more because I have a young toddler who loves to get down and dance as well. Especially have to love the leg shake about a 1/3 of the way in.