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Domain Name Scams – Part 2

Yesterday I had posted about an email I had received from a Mr. Abram Weinstein, Ph.D. who was interested in buying one of my domain names and my suspicions that his email was a domain appraisal scam. To see where this would lead, I went ahead and replied to the email with a price that I personally feel […]

Domain Name Scams

I own several domain names so it is not unusual for me to get an email asking if I would be interested in selling. I typically respond that for the right price, I am interested. However, something about today’s unsolicited email struck me as a little off. Here is the message body: Hello! I’m interested […]

Wolves At The Door

There are wolves at your door. You might not see them but they are there. They are disguised behind bits and bots and they quietly test the handle on your door a thousands times a day to see if they can get it to open. They are hackers and they are trying to get into your site […]