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Sponge Bob Toyota Highlander

Coming to a soccer field near you, the new 2013 Sponge Bob Toyota Highlander. You can custom design yours at So what are your thoughts? Brilliant marketing move by Toyota or ‘OMG my eyes why would they do this’?  

The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

You have seen the slogan and likely the various parodies and memes it has inspired but do you know the inspiration behind the iconic slogan itself and how it came to be? It’s a fantastic story. The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On – YouTube.

Promoted Tweets and Collapsing Bridges

As any good AdWords agency knows, you have to be careful when running keyword and content targeted display ads. If not, you run the risk of having your ads appear next to a tragic event or a breaking news story, resulting in really ill-timed and inappropriate ad placement. Promoted tweets on Twitter are no different as FX […]

Paid Survey Program Looking For Beta Testers

There is a new survey program in beta testing called PaidViewpoint that is looking for beta testers to sign up and actually get paid their viewpoints. Not points, not entries to win but actual cash via PayPal. The more you answer the higher your TraitScore, the higher your TraitScore, the more you earn per answer. If you […]

Marketing mantra…

“The only purpose of advertising is to make sales. It is profitable or unprofitable according to its actual sales.” —Claude Hopkins, “Scientific Advertising”