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Searches are up for the term “reqruented” after reports that: ‘Todd Palin reqruented a massage therapist now busted for “prostitution”.’ The sex scandal was first published by the ENQUIRER, a ‘tabloid’ that broke the John Edwards affair. But this post is not really about the Palins or the scandalous accusations but about the term ‘reqruented’ […]

Google Adds Friends To Description

“You are known by the friends you keep” may be an old saying but it is finding new meaning in the world of search. Google is testing adding “Friends” in a gray text sub-headline when returning search results from Facebook. Every day, Google brings a little more of the social media world into the search […]

Matt Cutts on using WordPress and SEO

Great video of Matt Cutts at Wordcamp 2009 giving a presentation on SEO and blogging with WordPress. Matt really does a great job in this presentation. The content is informative and Matt is engaging. And while the presentation was primarily for bloggers using WordPress, the insight that Matt provides in this video about the on […]

Does a .org domain improve search engine ranking?

In SEO nothing is black and white except the hats.